Tit-for-Tat: Here’s the CNN Reporter’s Home Address Who Broadcast Officer Wilson’s Home Address


Ed Lavendera--the CNN reporter is pictured here looking overweight and out of shape; he broadcast the home address of Officer Darren Wilson


What’s good for the goose…  This should go viral… 

The CNN reporter that provided the Police Officer’s Name and Address on national TV can be contacted at:

Ed Lavandera
6543 Bob O Link Dr.
Dallas TX. 75214

Reporter Lavandera’s address is being spread by conservative bloggers and commenters. I found it in a comment on American Renaissance.

I also took a look at the home on Google street view. Reporters obviously get paid a lot more than small town cops who risk their lives to keep the peace.

Obviously, it is illegal to threaten or harass someone, but it is a fine act of sabotage to send media traitors cards expressing your disgust with them. My own belief is that CNN deliberately put Officer Wilson’s life in danger by stirring up the crowds of “protestors” to demand blood: “Time to kill a cop.”

It sends a powerful message to the media that we are watching them. Put Ed Lavandera on your Christmas card list. LOL.