Why won’t America wake up??  The free shit that Obama is giving you??  Well, hope you understand that that well is going to go dry.  Remember the saying about borrowing from Peter to pay Paul??  Well, that’s exactly what’s happening.  The US is going broke from within.  The US Work force is slowly but surely drying up.  When the numbers hit a level that’s too much for the system to handle. COLLAPSE!!!!  It’s going t happen, it’s not IF, but WHEN.  When that happens, all you lazy fucking Obamatards are gonna wonder why your foodstamps didn’t come in… why your cash assistence check didn’t show up…  why your “free” cellphone no longer has service on it… etc… etc… 

Personally, I’m fed up with busting my ass to give free shit out to those who are capable of getting out there and bettering themselves.  Sitting at home on welfare has made this country lazy and stupid, and above all RETARDED!!!   yeah, I said it, Y’all are RETARDED!!!  you have no clue how to think for yourselves, or take care of yourself.  What happens when the cell towers are powered off under martial law??  What happens when the internet becomes unavailable from the same thing???  Y’all won’t know whether to cry or wind your watches…  if you knew how to wind a watch!!  (I got $20 that says most of you would fail at watch winding..)

This whoile nonsense about the Washington Redskins name, and now the Cleaveland Indians having their patents and copyright protections revoked.  Are you kidding me??  I have yet to hear ANYONE complain about a TEAM “mascott” name…  This is diversionary tactics at it’s finest for you RETARDS…  For those of us who see through the bullshit, are already a step ahead of the game…  I wonder, when they lead you onto that boxcar on the train to No-Return, what’s going to go through your minds???  Will you finally WAKE UP???  I’m thinking if that’s when you do realize what’s going on, it’s a little too late.. you might as well bend over and take what you voted for.  Welcome to your own worst nightmare…  As far as I’m concerned, you made your bed, I hope you’re comfy.