Aren’t we supposed to be different??

I know, interesting title for something that has been on my mind for a few years now.  As I watch in wonder as the country I’ve grown up in is slowly turning into exactly what we broke away from the European ways in the first place.  Tyrants and despots are appearing in our government, and no one is doing anything, or even cares to do anything about it.  We just go our business like nothing is happening.

Have we really been brainwashed that much as a society?

To sit and TRY to listen to the younger generation boggles my mind to the nth degree of the “are you kidding me” train of thought.  I was raised to take responsibility for my actions, both good and bad.  To not point the finger at everyone else, or make excuses why I was misled into doing it.  I was taught the difference between right and wrong, and as God as my witness, I try my best to adhere to that.  But I am human and tempted by the dark side and have made decisions that were not always the best decisions.  Yes, _I_ made the decision to screw up, on my own, and probably knowing better, both at the time, during, and after.  No one made me, I wasn’t coerced, and there was no gun pointed to my head.  I will admit, that to some degree, there is the peer pressure factor, but that’s a minor thing, and it should be a flag for all to realize who your friends really are.  Life shouldn’t be about proving how cool you are to them… it should be about how cool you are to YOU.  Those who think otherwise, have no reason to be on your Christmas card list…

The point I’m trying to make here I guess is that the future of this nation is dependent on our ability to inform, teach, and influence todays youth.  They are the future.  Teaching them WHAT to think robs them of the very thing our forefathers knew was needed to advance the world.  Not the same old same old way of thinking that one person should be a decision maker and the rest follow like lambs to a slaughter.  This nation was built on the free thinking, the free enterprise, the free market…  The government is only there to protect this way, not intrude on or stifle it.  Not to infringe upon it, but to help manifest it’s ability to grow.  Not hold it back, or stunt it’s growth.

Facts are facts, “socialism” does not work.  How’s the Soviet Union doing these days?  How about we ask the people of North Korea how they feel about their chances of sending their kids to college so they don’t have to be rice farmers…  How about we ask the people of Cuba why they keep trying to get away from the one family gets everything, while the rest are borderline starving.  How about we look at China, Look at the the majority of their populace and you’ll see that very few are making it beyond barely surviving.  I can go on and on.

The fact is, we, as Americans take everything we have for granted.  You think you have it rough because you have to pay for your internet service, or your cell phone service that has every possible bell and whistle so that you can take just about everything with you wherever you go and let all your “friends” know what you’re doing at any given moment in your daily life.  Wow, how many people around the world can say this??  How many “regular” people in North Korea have a high speed internet connection in their homes??  How many have cable TV in their homes?  How many have that fancy schmancy “smart phone” to tweet to all their fans and followers that they just had coffee at Starbucks??

You left wing progressive idiots have no earthly idea what it takes to make this country do what it is we do to make it the best place on earth to live.  It takes work!  Sweat, brainstorming, wild-eyed ideas that fail, only to be revised and tried again.  Failure should beget determination.  And determination to be better is the key to happiness and success!



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