Gone Riding…

Well, in February, I finally acquired a Harley Davidson.  A 2008 FXD Dyna Super Glide.


It’s not the “Custom” model, but it’s mine, and the changes have already begun.

After riding it a couple of times, I came to not care for the grip angle of the factory buck horn handlebars, so those were the first to go.  Replaced with some black drag style bars.  Much more comfortable riding position for me.

Next, will probably be pipes, air cleaner, and a remapping. 

Then in no particular order:

  • possibly a gel seat, though I kind of like the one that’s on it.  Or maybe I’ll just go the route of having a gel pad added to this seat.
  • Forward controls are definitely in order
  • I’d like a different tail light setup.  I’m thinking along the lines of the Street Bob setup where the brake lights are integrated with the turn signals.

Beyond that stuff, I have no idea what I’m going to do.  We’ll see as time goes on…

My best friend hit’s the nail on the head…

My best Friend, had this to say today on Facebook.  I guess he’s just as frustrated and unhappy with the current administration in  Washington as I am:

Dear liberal progressives,
When will you all wake up and smell the coffee. Everyday I am simply amazed by the level of your stupidity. Someone offers you koolaid and you drink it instead of doing research and trying to educate yourself. Your president has done absolutely nothing but destroy our economy and run our country into the ground. Yet you stand by this man and his administration while he continues to abuse his power. It boggles my mind to think that the majority of you want justice for Trayvon Martin and without looking at any facts George Zimmerman was trying to convicted the night of his shooting. So I ask this question, if Trayvon Martin is a victim in your opinion what about the people killed in Benghazi? What about those facts what about all of the evidence the mountains and mountains of evidence showing that this administration is 100 percent completely at fault and is solely responsible for the deaths at Benghazi. Why are we not convicting this is administration?
I am sick and tired of being called a racist just because I state facts and I’m white. The fact of the matter is the only reason this Zimmerman trial has this much media attention is because someone shot and killed a black teenager. What about the two black kids that shot and killed that white toddler in Georgia? I heard about that right after it happened and then the media stop covering the story. Why are we not trying to fry them like you’re trying to fry Zimmerman? Why is it okay for a black person to call a white person a cracker? That is just as racist as someone calling a black person the N word. Yet the liberal media laughs and jokes and uses that term freely. But here’s my message to you regarding this subject. Number one, you can take your race card and shove it as far up your ass as you can possibly reach. Number two, I will not forget about our ambassador and Navy SEALS that died in Benghazi. I will not forget about the attorney general sending our automatic weapons to Mexico to the drug cartel and then using our own weapons to kill our Border Patrol agents. I will demand justice be served. I will demand these people be held accountable for their negligence.
Here is something else you need to come to terms with. Our Constitution was written by our forefathers to protect us. It was written to give you the American citizen basic rights that can not be infringed upon. Why you progressives cannot grasp the basic concept of this I simply cannot understand. If you choose not to exercise your rights that is solely your decision but please do not give your rights up. Once these rights are given up you can not get them back. The difference between you and me is if I don’t like something on TV I change the channel if you don’t like something on TV you want it banned. This brings me to the 2nd amendment. It is my right as it is with every American citizen to keep and bear arms. If you choose not to own a firearm that is your right but it is my right to choose to keep and bear my arms. You need to accept this and stop trying to infringe upon my rights! The 2nd amendment was written to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. The militia has absolutely nothing to do with the military. The militia is us the American people. We all as American citizens have a duty to protect this great land. Now I know I may be going a little fast for you so let me put this in terms you might better understand, stop trying to take my guns. Its never going to happen.
Your ideas on parenting are an absolute joke. Children do not have the same rights as adults and therefore should respect their parents. This is the problem with children today. They have this idea that acting like a fool is OK because they know they will not be punished. Control your kids that is your responsibility as their parents. Your job is to educate your children. The other thing that really chaps my ass is when you go to your child’s sporting event and they don’t keep score. You’re setting them up for failure and you don’t even know it. There is a reason that a scoring system is put into place. It is there to determine the winner of the game. If you can’t win the game then there’s nothing to be achieved and if you can’t achieve anything then there’s no reason to better yourself and try harder and if there’s no reason to try harder they will apply this in all aspects of life in the future. I personally I want my children to succeed in life. I want them to try harder I want them to strive to be the very best they can be whether it be in school work or at a sporting event. If your child is playing a game and the opposing team is running all over them and you’re not keeping score believe me your child knows they’re getting their asses handed to them. Kids are not stupid so try to give them a little more credit.
In closing, I am a Constitutionalist. I once considered myself a Republican but now Republicans seem to be catering to the Liberals. My own party doesn’t have enough balls to stand up and protect my rights. There are a handful of Republicans that are on the right path a few of them Being Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. I fully believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and will defend it by any means necessary.
To my fellow Constitutionalists the time is now. We must stand up and fight for our rights and our country. We must take our country back. We cannot lay dormant any longer. Our voices must be heard. Let’s exercise all of our rights available to us and protect them at all cost. Research all of our politicians and vote out every single one that doesn’t have our country’s best interest at heart. If we stand as one we can show the government that we the people own this country, not the government. I am proud to be an American and I will never take that for granted.
A modern day Patriot with a 1776 attitude

I share this with all of my Patriotic friends because I also share his views on the matter…



Well, here we go…

It simply amazes me to the umpteenth degree that our government is so willing to sell out it’s own citizens.  It’s obvious that the current administration, and congress are eager to destroy the United States as we all know it.  It’s no long the the Democrats vs the Republicans in the sense of fairness to keep things on an even keel of happy mediums.  They’re both equally guilty of destroying what took 200+ years to establish as the greatest nation the world has ever seen.  And in the course of the past 12 years, it’s been doing nothing but falling apart at the seems…  We have got to take our country back people…




Boys and our toys…

Yeah, I finally got a Harley.  It’s a nothing special 2008 Super Glide.  Pretty much all stock.  I got it and they had put new tires on it but for the most part, nothing was out of the ordinary where the bike is concerned.

Since I‘ve had it, all I’ve done with it is change the handlebars.  Oil change in the crankcase and primary. I’ve washed a couple of times and put a nice fresh coat of wax on it.