An open letter to the mainstream media.

An open letter to the mainstream media. CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and all of their affiliates and FOX to some degree.

I’ve been watching closely at the current events and am bewildered as to why you all are helping to cover up the scandalous actions of the current administration. I, as well as many others, have lost confidence in the whole bunch of you. To me, you have lost credibility. I remember a day when it didn’t matter who was in what office, the media would go after the story like rabid dogs on a piece of meat. Wanting to be the first to air the story. What happened to the concept of reporting the truth, getting the facts straight? (the real facts, not what some white house official tells you) 

We the People… know you’re not reporting the facts. You’re pandering and covering up scandal after scandal for no good reason. It’s certainly not doing your reputations any good. Most of the key reporters you currently employ are lapdogs, and that’s being nice.

Chris Matthews and his whining, leg-humping, biased rhetoric. Talk about having blinders on…

Ed Shultz is nothing more than failed comedian, his “reporting” is nothing shy of slanderous

Soledad O’brien’s best feature is her looks. She sure doesn’t know how to fact check anything. (using known liberal blog sites is not fact checking, sorry…) Wonder what she looks like without all the makeup?? 

Bill Maher: libertarian???? please, he’s a left wing marxist lapdog who is as clueless as Soledad…

You call these people reporters??? Well, if this was “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live it’d be entertaining. Oh, and the “Not Ready For Prime Time Players” were at least factually INFORMED! 

And quit with the race baiting nonsense. Anyone who’s taken a decent course in psychology knows the guilty will be the first to point the finger…