Cell phones and driving don’t mix!!

This is kind of a continuation of my Turn Signals rant…

This is one of those things that has turned into a disaster for anyone.  Whether you’r the one driving, and talking on the phone (without a handsfree) or on the receiving end of someone else’s stupidity.  Yes, I’m call all of you STUPID! for talking on the cell phone and driving.  You need two hands to drive, like it or not, you do.  Using your turn signal is the law, I know it must seem like a really difficult and complicated thing, and a rocket science degree seems necessary, or maybe a degree in quantum physics?  c’mon, REALLY?!?!?!?!  is it really that difficult to reach up and push or pull that little lever?

Also, I’ve noticed a lot of you trying to get onto the highway talkin on the phone, assuming it’s safe to just drive on out there…  Well, I have a news flash for you, that YIELD sign you just blew off…  yeah the red upside down triangle with white trim, yes, that’s the one…  means for you to slow down and look, or look and speed up to merge with traffic with making them have to apply the brakes!!

I’ve said this before, and I will continue to say it, I really don’t give a rat tail if you want to endanger your own life…  I don’t care!  But when in the process of doing so, DO NOT ENDANGER MINE!!


Where in the Constitution does it give the Executive branch this kind of power?

Obama is now threatening the supreme court to validate his Health Care…

Should we be a little worried?  Absolutely!  This is getting closer and closer to a dictatorship and everyone in this country should be worried.  I don’t care what your political stance is, left or right, this has become a dangerous regime that needs to be stopped.  He has continuously over-stepped his bounds and ignored, even mocked the U.S. Constitution without a care.  Do I think he’s looking out for the American people?  No!  Not in the least.  His only goal is to break the country, destroy our credibility with the rest of the world, and obviously destroy the ability of all Americans to use their own mind to get something out of life.  His plan is leading us into a place we may never be able to recover from.  If what you’ve read about the “Great Depression” makes you quiver, just think about it happening in an even more devastating way.  One hundred times as bad, and basically giving the country to the rest of the world to control.  Are you scared?  I am!