Turn signals!!!

Have we bacome so lazy that we can’t even use the turn signal?  There are laws about using them in most, if not all states.  This is one of those things that just irritates me.  If you’re that lazy, or ignorant then you shouldn’t be driving.   Is that txt message you just received so important to you that public safety doesn’t matter?

This stuff is getting old…


Personally, if you’re not here legally or going through the legitimate course of action to gain your citizenship, you’re an “ILLEGAL” alien.  Just like I would be if I tried to enter any other country without using the accepted entrance ports.

I personally have no problem with those who want to be here, but let’s face the reality of the current status of immigrating to the United States and the burden on the economy and the tax payers.  The facts are out there, just use your favorite search engine and the information is there, free for all to read.